Learn the Ancient Art of Amatsu with the Yorkshire Amatsu School.

Affiliated with the BRCP and approved by the Amatsu Association of Ireland.

Our website will help you on your journey to learning Amatsu. Here you will find hours of learning with video tutorials and other content.

Now you are here, the best place to start your on-line learning is with the Anma Foundation Course – containing nearly 7 hours of in-depth content split into easy manageable chunks, including some bonus videos.

This will suit the following.

  • New students wanting an introduction to the Anma level of Amatsu.
  • Existing Practitioners or recently qualified students who would like an improved understanding of the therapy or as a CPD opportunity,
  • Amatsu clients who are interested in deepening their understanding of the Therapy.

Those wanting to take this learning further can then move through the modular learning stages (9 in total).

This will deliver targeted learning to different anatomical body regions providing information on;

  • Anma Techniques
  • Self-Help (Undo ho)
  • Orthopedic Checks
  • Muscle tests
  • Meridian Theory and Tsubo
  • Treatment protocols.

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