Anma Foundation course fee £200

Module fees (9 in total) £120 each – to be released soon
£70 each – for existing practitioners – limited time offer.

Module to become available.

• Foot Module (Lower Extremity)
• Knee (Lower extremity) Module
• Hip Module (Lower extremity)
• Spine & Ribs
• Spine & Head on Neck
• Hand (Upper extremity)
• Elbow (Upper extremity)
• Shoulder (Upper extremity)

Off-line (in classroom) fee £185 approx – per weekend (4 in total) **New students accessing the modular level will be required to have student insurance and registration to the BRCP – details of how to join can be provided.Please note to fully qualify in Amatsu at Anma level using this on-line training platform, the following must be completed.

Foundation Course and 9 modules must be including homework, journals, case studies and zoom sessions.
Plus, off-line (in classroom) training weekends (8 days in total including theory & practical examinations) **

If a student does not want to obtain an academic qualification there is no requirement for them to have insurance or complete homework, case studies and zoom sessions (they would be optional).

• Please click here to complete our registration process, complete all questions and hit the submit button.

• One of the team will contact you to discuss the modules you require and take your payment.

• You will then be registered for the Amatsu Online course and linking you to our help-desk for any questions you may have.

• Then you will shortly receive an email with your login information.

• You can now login to the teaching portal and start to watch you training videos.

Now enjoy the learning.

** Please note off-line (in classroom) training can be undertaken in England. Training in Ireland may also be offered but this is subject to travel restrictions (such as lockdowns).